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Texas Strictly Regulates Insurance Company Behavior​​

This short video highlights are

  • The Texas Winter Storm of 2021 will likely go down as the costliest winter event in Texas history.
  • As a result, you may have to file an insurance claim to get damage repaired at your commercial property.
  • Texas law strictly governs the behavior of your insurance company. If it does not follow the rules, Bukowski Law Firm can help.

Are You Not Entertained Struggles ripple through Austin's entertainment industry webinar

Are You Not Entertained? Struggles ripple through Austin’s entertainment industry

This short video highlights are

  • Some sad news this week as a great Austin entertainment company – Alamo Draft House – filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
  • Its not surprising, though, as so many entertainment venues in Texas are struggling.
  • But its not too late to support the people and venues that provide us so much joy and entertainment.


Up, Up, and Away

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  • American Airlines and Delta Air have recently announced changes that will benefit Central Texans traveling throughout the country.
  • These are welcome additions because our airports have been insufficient to meet our growing demands.
  • With the great expansion and momentum the region is showing, its important for our infrastructure to develop with it.


Why a Title Attorney Makes Sense in a Real Estate Closing (Obviously)

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  • Texas law allows a title company and attorney to split title fees if both parties work on the transaction.
  • Hiring an outside title fee attorney can be very beneficial for buyers and lenders.
  • The attorney can often be a one-stop shop to smooth out any details that arise during closing and help make sure the purchase is completed.


Winter Storm Could Provide Property Tax Relief

This short video highlights are

  • After the Texas winter storm in February, Governor Abbott issued a disaster declaration for the state.
  • As a result, if you had significant property damage, you may be eligible for a temporary property tax exemption.
  • But do not delay – the deadline for filing the request is May 28.


Time for Austin to Help Our Homeless Population

This short video highlights are

  • There are a number of propositions on the May 1 ballot in Austin.
  • For commercial real estate, the most important one is probably Prop B
  • Which would reinstate the citywide camping ban.
  • While I think that we should pass the Proposition to reinstate the ban, that cannot be the end of our activism. We must take the next step and help find housing for our fellow homeless citizens.

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