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Most property owners are intimated and overwhelmed by the process of protesting their property taxes. They don’t even know where to begin let alone follow the process property. Many of our clients fear that if they protest their property taxes and fail, the property taxes will automatically raise. It is because of these feelings that well over 90% of property owners never protest their property taxes.
If you are one of these property owners, call us today, we would be happy to review the process and explain your options. For example, did you know that your appeal can be resolved at the informal hearing?
What is an informal hearing?
The first step in the process of protesting the assessed value of your property taxes is to file a protest. You can do this by sending a letter to the Chief Appraiser stating that you are protesting your property taxes. It is important to include that the reasoning is assessed value over market and equal appraisal.
After filing a protest, you will be notified of your informal hearing. This hearing is held at the appraisal district office with a staff appraiser.
These hearings usually last 15-20 minutes and at the end, the staff appraiser will decide on your protest:
It is important to note that most property tax protests are solved with informal hearings. Remember at an informal hearing, the appraisal district is not permitted to raise your assessed value. If you are about to begin this process, call our experienced attorneys today to discuss your legal options. We can assist you through these complex transactions.

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