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After you have undergone a formal hearing and the ARB has rendered its decision, you have the option of appealing that decision in a Texas district court. Please note, you have 60 days from receiving the ARB’s written order to file a petition. Considering time is of the essence, it is important to call us as soon as possible. We will file this petition on your behalf, once that is complete the appraisal district has 20 days to respond.
Our experienced attorneys will begin the discovery process straight away, gathering evidence and building your case. We have spent years analyzing the commercial real estate market. We will work closely with you to evaluate the assessed value of your property. Together we will build a personalized legal strategy that suits your needs.
In some cases, these lawsuits settle out of court, but if your case goes to trial, it could be a jury trial or decided by a judge. The jury and judge will not hear the previous decision of the ARB formal hearing.
These lawsuits are complicated transactions that require meticulous attention to detail. Our experienced attorneys have the tenacity to fight for you. We will not settle until we have reached the best possible outcome for you and your property.

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