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Investigate and Negotiate Title Policies

Areas of Practice

Let Us Investigate and Negotiate Title Policies in Austin, TX

The attorneys at Bukowski Law Firm will protect your interest with lenders, title companies, and other parties to the transaction. We will review your title commitment and negotiate with the title company to make sure your ultimate policy provides you as much coverage as possible.

Remember, title companies work for the title insurer and focus on protecting their business. In contrast, if we represent you, we will focus on protecting your interest. Our experienced attorneys have spent years drafting, reviewing, and evaluating these documents. That experience allows for knowledge that general attorneys simply do not have. We can quickly spot issues before they become problems.

We mitigate the risk associated with making wrong or uninformed legal decisions. Trust the experienced real estate attorneys at Bukowski Law Firm. We have the skills, experience, and resources needed to assist with these intricate matters.

Review and Finalize Pre-Closing Settlement Statements

Direct The Transaction Closing Process

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