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Code Enforcement

Areas of Practice

Commercial Real Estate Code Enforcement Violation

From time to time, some commercial landowners find their property or building structures allegedly in violation of local codes or ordinances. This can result in fines that accumulate very quickly depending upon the city or county ordinance. If you are in violation of code enforcement, it is critically important to act quickly and get in compliance as soon as possible.

Hiring an attorney sooner rather than later can save you time, frustration, and money. Remember, our attorneys have spent years in commercial real estate. We understand code enforcement issues, and have extensive knowledge and in-depth experience in handling all types of code enforcement matters – including formal and informal code enforcement processes. We understand the end goal is compliance, and we focus on solving problems while minimizing costs.

For years we have worked with local government officials and agencies throughout Austin, San Antonio and the State of Texas. We work hand-in-hand with cities and towns throughout Texas on infrastructure projects of all types and sizes. We have spent years building and fostering these relationships. It is these relationships, coupled with our skills, experience, and resources that make us an ideal partner. Call Bukowski Law Firm today to discuss your project.

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