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Landlord Tenant Issues and Disputes

Areas of Practice

Landlord Tenant Issues and Disputes

Landlord and tenant disputes are a common occurrence in the commercial real estate world. This is due, in part, to the fact that commercial leases are usually much longer than residential leases, and often include more complex terms that can be difficult to navigate.

In a typical landlord and tenant dispute, each side will argue that the other breached the lease. These disputes can be costly and time-consuming to resolve, so it is important for both parties to try to avoid them whenever possible.

The attorneys at Bukowski Law Firm work with our clients to avoid these disputes and potential litigation. In the attempt to avoid these disputes, we suggest that you:

We have experience with the following types of disputes leading to commercial real estate landlord tenant disputes:

If you are in a dispute with your tenant, please call us as soon as possible. These types of issues are complicated and include many moving parts. We are here to guide you through these issues. Having an experienced law firm on your side is critical to your success. We are your trusted ally and will advocate of your behalf to ensure you are protected. Call us today to discuss your commercial real estate landlord tenant issues and disputes.

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