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Commercial real estate closings are complex transactions that can feel exhausting and overwhelming at times. They are very different from residential real estate closings. From the novice buyer to the seasoned investor, you need the assistance of experienced attorneys that specialize in commercial real estate closings in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and all throughout Texas.

In a commercial real estate purchase, the purchase agreement will strictly dictate the terms and conditions of the escrow process. The process is very structured and detailed. In addition to strick contract terms, the purchaser is often raising capital from many different sources. And the purchase process – including due diligence – can be very stressful and complicated.

When buying or selling commercial property, you need to know that you have attorneys behind you that specialize in these transactions. Our experienced attorneys have spent years closing commercial real estate transactions. We will put this experience to work when reviewing and negotiating your documents.

These skills are essential in the buying and selling process:

Investigate and Negotiate Title Policies

Review and Finalize Pre-Closing Settlement Statements

Direct The Transaction Closing Process

We will protect your interest with lenders, title companies, and other parties to the transaction.

Bukowski Law Firm is unique because while we represent buyers or sellers in a commercial property transaction, we can also be your title and escrow agent. Throughout the years, we have built and fostered relationships with multiple title companies in Texas and we qualify as a title fee attorney.

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