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Negotiate with Lenders to Raise Debt & terms

Areas of Practice

Negotiate with Lenders to Raise Debt& terms

Each of these lender types have very different motivations. When you take the time to understand their motivations, you will have the ability to negotiate with the lender best suited for your project. We will work with the lender to have appropriate financing letters of intent that will outline the financing structure, any security or liens, term, payments, interest rate, closing costs if applicable, escrow terms, and any other conditions.

When negotiating with lenders, it is important to understand their goals and motivations. We have relationships with all lending types including:

Negotiating with lenders to raise debt on your behalf is our priority. We work diligently to evaluate and understand the matter at hand and flag any potential issues or underlying problems. This proactive methodology is exactly what makes us successful. We understand that each client and project is different, and financing will have to be tailored to suit each individual project. Call us today to discuss your project.

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