The Future of Growth in Austin with Cross Moceri

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The Future of Growth in Austin with Cross Moceri


For our first episode of Greater Texas, I’m joined by Cross Moceri, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Presidium. Presidium, formed in 2003, is a Texas-based real estate developing, owning, and operating company, and Cross uses his time on this week’s episode to talk about everything Presidium, from the early beginnings in Phoenix, Arizona, through their present-day ventures in Texas and beyond.  

  • How Cross and his partner got into real estate  
  • When he felt comfortable leaving his career in law to work in real estate full-time 
  • Where he found the biggest opportunities in Texas 
  • Why they incorporated development into Presidium’s portfolio 
  • What should be on our radar when we talk about Texas’s future 

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