How to Implement Construction Contract Modifications

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A contract is a legally binding document, but that doesn’t mean one won’t require updates to ensure it is consistent with the laws of the area to which it is enacted. It’s always best to modify the document to avoid any unexpected liability on the project.

At Bukowski Law Firm, P.C., we are a construction law firm in Houston that has guided many clients through this process, and we’ve decided to supply some advice here in this blog post for when you are looking to modify a construction contract.

The most advantageous step you can take is to consult with a construction law firm in Houston so that your modified contract addresses the relevant modifications and policies for construction contracts in Texas, such as retainage, indemnity, additional insurance coverage, and lien releases.

When you find yourself facing such changes, it’s best to follow a proven legal process so that every party to the contract is on the same page. When you approach a contract with the intent of modifying it, you need to have the specifics nailed down.

It is important to work with lawyers who know all the policies and procedures that must be followed to modify a construction contract. In that way, your contract will comply with the law, and the result of any unplanned risk is minimized.

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