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High Property Taxes Can Ruin an Investment. If you are looking for a Commercial Property Tax Protest Company in Houston Texas, Bukowski Law Firm is here to defend you.

High property taxes can be a significant burden for commercial property owners in Houston and across Texas. If you’re in search of a reliable property tax protest company in Houston, look no further than Bukowski Law Firm. With our experienced team of property tax consultants, we specialize in representing property owners, including commercial clients, in their efforts to reduce property tax liabilities.

Our expertise extends to navigating the intricacies of the county appraisal districts, ensuring that property owners have a fair assessment of their property tax appraisal value. We understand that property tax protests are a crucial avenue for property tax reduction, and we are here to guide you through the entire process.

Bukowski Law Firm consists of licensed property tax consultants and experienced professionals who have successfully helped thousands of property owners, including industrial property owners, achieve property tax reductions. Whether you own commercial properties or business personal assets, we have the knowledge and resources to assist you effectively.

Our property tax protection strategies are tailored to your unique needs and include representing both commercial property owners and residential property owners. We also offer custom property tax software solutions designed to streamline the property tax appeal process and enhance our property research capabilities.

At Bukowski Law Firm, we are committed to your success in achieving property tax reductions. Our boutique property tax consulting firm has earned a high rating among property tax consulting companies, and our senior property tax consultants are known for their successful property tax consults. If you’re facing high property tax liability and looking for a trusted partner to protest your property taxes, contact Bukowski Law Firm today. Join our satisfied clients and experience the difference in property tax consulting and representation that we can offer. Let us help you protect your investment and ensure that you receive a fair property tax assessment.

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Common questions:

In Texas, the deadline to protest property taxes in most cases is the later of May 15 or 30 days from when the local appraisal district delivers the notice of appraised value to the property owner. The usual deadline, therefore, is May 15. But it can be later than that in the rare instance that the appraisal district does not get the notice out to you by April 15.

It has gotten very difficult to successfully protest your property tax appraised values in Texas. Because appraisal districts are much more aggressive than they used to be, they have a lot more information than they used to have.

As a result, to be successful in your protest, you need to be prepared. And you need to bring data. Unfortunately, the appraisal district is not likely to be swayed by an anecdotal narrative. They want to see hard data that shows their analysts are wrong in how they calculated the appraised value. Its vital, therefore, to come to your informal and formal hearing with data supporting your proposed value.

There are two main protests that a property owner in Texas makes when protesting the appraised value of his or her property – a) that the market value is incorrect and b) that it is unequal compared to other similar properties.

Your data, therefore, needs to support those two theories. For market value, for example, there are multiple ways it can be calculated depending on the asset. This includes sales comparison, income method, or cost method. The asset type will dictate which method to use and your data should support your valuation conclusion.

An equal and uniform analysis argument, however, is based on the theory that other properties that are similar to the property owner’s are appraised at a lower level. As a result, you have to be able to bring data showing the specific properties that are similar and (after making adjustments) how their values should lead to a lower value for your property.

Every Texas property owner should protest their property taxes every year. But, as described above, that is not an easy task. Appraisal districts have a lot of public information at their disposal and have been very aggressive in raising appraised values. As a result, its very important to have someone who knows how to handle a property tax protest to guide you through the process.

In addition, the appraisal panels are notoriously friendly to the appraisal districts. There is a good chance, therefore, that you will not be satisfied with the result of your formal hearing and have to file a lawsuit.

If you hire a law firm to help you with every step of your property tax protest, you will be ready to file the lawsuit right away after the hearing is completed. And your lawyer will understand the property and be able to work towards a quick settlement of the lawsuit.

Property tax protests are difficult. And necessary. You have to come prepared to your formal hearing. Even then, appraisal panels are notoriously friendly to the appraisal districts. There is a good chance, therefore, that you will not be satisfied with the result of your formal hearing and have to file a lawsuit.

That’s why hiring Bukowski Law Firm to help with your property tax protest is so important. We have been protesting property taxes all over Texas for at least 12 years. That experience has helped us understand how appraisal districts work and what panels are looking for. We also file lots of property tax lawsuits each year. We are comfortable, therefore, going right from formal hearing to litigation. And once we get to that litigation, we will understand your property fully from having handled your protest from the beginning. Hopefully that will help us to reach a good, quick settlement with the appraisal district.

Bukowski Law Firm has the experience and aggressiveness to help get you the best result for your property to protect your investment. We look forward to working with you.

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