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  • Bukowski Law Firm is expanding its focus beyond commercial real estate.
  • Some of the lawyers at BLF have extensive litigation experience.
  • As a result, we will be expanding into general business litigation to help meet our clients’ needs.

A little bit different type of blog entry this week. I try to have two different types of posts in this blog:  a) commentary on some news item that is relevant to the commercial real estate industry or b) a discussion of a legal issue that is relevant to our readers and colleagues.

Well this week I want to use the space to talk about a new development at Bukowski Law Firm. As you probably know, we are primarily a boutique real estate law firm. We handle both real estate transactional and litigation matters, as well as protest property taxes.

We are now, however, expanding beyond just real estate into a complementary area. And want to talk a little about that this week.

BLF Expanding Beyond Real Estate

Since Bukowski Law Firm was founded in 2010, we have primarily practice commercial real estate law – both transactional and litigation. And we have enjoyed that tremendously and hopefully brought a lot of value to our clients.

But I was not always a real estate lawyer. I started my career at Vinson and Elkins in Houston in its litigation section. And for the five years I worked at V&E, I was a litigator. My practice ran the gamut of all types of litigation – not really restricted to anything in particular. I was a general litigator.

Similarly, one of the great associates at Bukowski Law Firm – Aaron Gankofskie – has a strong litigation background. And while he has focused a lot in real estate, he also has a broad litigation background.

As a result, we realize that Bukowski Law Firm can provide our clients with more than just real estate services. We can also provide first rate general business litigation. And that’s what we will be doing from here on out.

What does it Mean that BLF Provides Business Litigation?


So what does that mean? In addition to your commercial real estate needs, if you have any general business issues, Bukowski Law Firm can help you solve those issues. This could include anything from formations, operating agreements, and contract review to business dispute litigation. And it does not have to be limited to the real estate industry.

So next time you have a business dispute, please let us know how we can help.

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