The Reason for the Season

  • I started a podcast to talk to Texas thought leaders about issues we face.
  • Recently, I have recorded two new episodes that provide fantastic opportunities to discuss those issues and opportunities.
  • I hope you will like the discussions we have as we all try to build a Greater Texas.

No this is not an early Christmas article. I would not do that to you. The season I refer to above is podcast season. This week, therefore, I am writing a little more about my new podcast. More specifically, why I wanted to start it and will continue doing it.

I recorded a couple of new episodes recently that I am really excited about. And when preparing for those episodes, it really got me thinking about why I am doing this at all. These guests, though, perfectly highlight why I want to do it and why I think its important. So that is what I am writing about this week.

Thinking with Texas Thought Leaders

As I wrote above, I recorded two new podcast episodes recently. The first one was with Hugh Forrest – the Chief Programming Officer at South by Southwest. I probably do not need to explain why I am excited about having Hugh on as a guest. There are few, if any, events that are more synonymous with Texas in general and Austin specifically than SXSW. Its grown from a small music festival to one of the biggest arts and thought events in the world. As a result, therefore, it plays a huge role in the future of our state.

And that’s why I started this podcast and why Hugh was so high on my list of folks to speak with. I named the podcast Greater Texas because I want to talk to Texas leaders about the growth Texas has faced and continues to face, the benefits that brings, and the challenges we face. Who is better to talk about those issues than one of the leaders of the biggest annual event in Texas?

SXSW has seen tremendous growth. And it’s a festival that we all can enjoy and be proud of. But like the city and state its located in, the growth presents significant challenges. And Hugh was kind enough to share his thoughts on the issues they face as well as how he thinks they will tackle them. It was the type of important discussion I want to continue to have with Texas thought leaders.

Identifying the Problem is Only Half the Issue

The second podcast I recorded recently was with Jack Craver. If you are not familiar, four times per week Jack puts out his Austin Politics Newsletter. Its an email about Austin City Hall’s daily business. And if you have any interest in what is happening in Austin, you should absolutely subscribe. Few people are more tied in to City Hall than Jack.

And being plugged into City Hall is a huge part of talking about the issues that we face. Because its great to have the conversations I have had with Phyllis Snodgrass and Cross Moceri and Hugh Forrest. In those, we really identified a lot of areas that need improvement. But how do we get those issues solved? That’s where politics – especially local politics – is going to play a huge role.

That’s where Jack comes in. He understands the issues we face in Central Texas and is so knowledgeable about City Hall that we had a great discussion about how we can fix these issues.

Becoming a Greater Texas

Again, these are exactly the types of discussions I have had so far on the podcast and want to continue to do so in the future. I started this podcast because I want to talk to Texas thought leaders about issues facing Texas and how we can fix them. It excites me to know that we can have these discussions and hopefully find a better way forward. And in the end, help build a Greater Texas.

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