Travis County homeowners, 2022 property appraisal tax increases.

Travis County Property Taxes have increased

Property appraisal notices for 2022 are out and in Travis County homeowners were stunned at their increased values.
Many people reported valuation hikes of 40 to 60 percent. It’s no secret Central Texas home prices have climbed furiously over the past year, but now everyone is seeing that on paper.

“40 to 60 percent is huge, and it’s very difficult for people to have to deal with,” said Sean Bukowski, principal at Bukowski Law Firm specializing in real estate. Soon Bukowski will be busy helping clients fight back against soaring property appraisals.

“Really what [Travis Central Appraisal District] is going to respond to is data. Data is so important. You have to have data that shows how much, by a dollar value, your property should be worth and that’s where a professional can help you to organize and gather that data and present it,” Bukowski says.

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