Resolving Code Enforcement Issues

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Code enforcement, which refers to enforcing local laws, when used in the context of residential and commercial development, pertains to property upkeep and the standards for new construction. Building code and property maintenance code are laws that bring property owners into compliance with the law and are essential in maintaining the appearance, functionality, and property value of a neighborhood.

Codes other than construction codes deal with the exterior maintenance of structures, overgrown vegetation, outdoor storage, and provisions specifically pertinent to fire safety and health in commercial establishments.

Building code deals with the integrity of a structure from the beginning of construction and includes plumbing, electrical, and mechanical codes. Though many times a neighborhood isn’t relying on commercial building code in regards to community appearance issues, the principle of building codes is the same.

The goal of code enforcement should be the compliance of codes to help ensure buildings are maintained sufficiently, as well as keeping up with the latest technology and safety provisions. However, sometimes the punishment doesn’t fit the crime and code enforcement becomes focused on punishment.

If you’ve received a notice of violation for one of your residential or commercial properties and feel you are wrongly accused, allow the legal team of experts at Bukowski Law Firm to represent your interests in the matter. A commercial real estate lawyer in Austin, TX, will handle all of your legal issues, including fines, liens, penalties, and litigation, when necessary.

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