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I’m joined by two guests from outside of Texas this week: Robert LaBre of LaBre Law Office in Michigan and Gery Rodriguez-Albizu of Rodriguez-Albizu Law in Florida. Instead of talking about how to make Texas greater, we talk about building greater businesses and better law firms through staffing, marketing, and a whole lot more. Weighing in on their personal experiences and comparing them to my own, I uncover why these two gentlemen have been so successful and get a sneak peak at what’s next for both.

Timecoded Guide:
[8:09] Early experiences in other law firms
[12:41] Goals for the future and expanding their practices
[18:42] Staffing issues in an employee-driven market
[34:35] Branding and marketing tactics for themselves vs their firms
[44:10] Relationship building and referral networks

How has your past experience informed your current firm?
Although their paths into law school and into their respective successful firms looked very different, Gery and Robert both agree that the learning experiences and mentorship they had early in their careers shaped them into the lawyers they are today. Robert especially credits his success to his father, a lawyer who offered his son the opportunity to join his practice and jump-started his career.

“My profit comes from coming in, doing a good job, and keeping them well-informed— it’s all in the repeat business and having multiple cases per client.” – Robert LaBre

Where do you see the most struggle in staffing?
We’re all experiencing the negative effects of a labor shortage, no matter where we’re located. While Robert and myself have considered outsourcing or remote work, Gery has already incorporated a remote lawyer into his practice. Although it can be a culture struggle to hire and implement remote talent, Gery is thankful for the additional help and expertise on his team, even if they’re Zooming in for many meetings or appointments.

“The only staff I have in my office are myself, my two real estate paralegals, and my legal assistant.” – Gery Rodriguez-Albizu

Does your marketing and branding involve referrals?
Referrals are an extremely important part of what I do, as relationships are the solid foundation that all of real estate seems to stand on. It’s what you know, but more importantly, it is who you know. Although Robert and Gery are less experienced in incorporating referrals into what they do, they both agree that building a strong referral network between trustworthy professionals can have a huge impact on your client base.

“Going out there and aggressively searching for referrals to give to other people has been extremely beneficial. You’ve got to really want it, you’ve got to want to help people and that will come back to you.” – Sean Bukowski

What advice would you give potential lawyers and business owners?
Considering this episode is about building a greater business, not a Greater Texas, I asked Gery and Robert to mention what has helped them the most in building and expanding their firms. They both agree that mindset is vital and outside help is key. Do not be afraid to ask for help or advice from a business coach, especially in terms of growing your business and solidifying your next step.

“Owning a business is very different from owning a practice.” – Gery Rodriguez-Albizu
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