Planning and Zoning Considerations When Purchasing Property

Planning and Zoning - Commercial Real Estate Attorney | Bukowski Law Firm | Austin, TX

It’s vital not to be transfixed only by a property’s aesthetic. Learning about the area you want to purchase a property in is not generally at the forefront of someone’s mind, but it is essential. When in the market for an area of land to begin construction of a house, or to purchase property in a nice neighborhood, you’ll need the help of the best real estate attorney in Austin, TX. They can help get you the official plan and zoning by-law of the area that interests you.

The official plan and zoning by-law are two significant aspects surrounding how the neighborhood area is developing in the next coming years. The official plan specifies the maintenance or construction on existing roads or new road-construction projects to come.

The zoning by-law mentions which buildings can be built in specific areas or zones. It will also give the buyer regulations on how large a yard can be, or whether there are height limits for buildings. The zoning by-law also has a section on provisions that provide rules on parking spaces, accessory buildings, and structures. It is a necessary by-law to understand, and having the best real estate attorney in Austin, TX, can make your move a success. They can ensure that you are in a properly designated residential area or commercial area, depending on what your plans are.

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