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Everything You Need to Know about Title Insurance

Whether you are buying commercial or residential real estate, you probably know you are going to need title insurance. If this is your first time purchasing a property, you may not know that much about what title insurance is and how it benefits you. To help you understand what it is, we have listed below just a few things you should be aware of when it comes to title insurance for real estate.


Before you buy a house or commercial property, a title company will complete a title search to ensure the seller legally owns the property and can sell it to you. The title insurance you buy ensures you and the lender are protected if anything were to go wrong with the transaction because the seller was not legally able to sell the property. As a result, its always important to protect yourself and your investment by purchasing title insurance when you are ready to break into the real estate market.


In Texas, the rates for title insurance are set by the Texas Department of Insurance. The cost of title insurance is usually included in the closing costs of a real estate transaction, but you should always double check in case it is not paid up front by the lender.

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Commercial Real Estate Attorney | Bukowski Law Firm | Austin, TX

Advantages of Hiring a Lawyer for Real Estate Closing in Austin, TX

Whether you are buying a commercial or residential property, you can benefit from hiring a real estate attorney to help lead you through the intricate closing process. Discover a couple of reasons below why you should consider hiring an attorney for a real estate closing in Austin, TX.


Purchase agreements, loan documents, title commitments – these are all potentially complicated legal documents that require experienced eyes to review them. Trying to review them by yourself can be time-consuming and challenging. The legal team at Bukowski Law Firm is ready to help you with your Austin, Texas real estate closing. We will ensure everything is recorded in the correct order and review and verify all the documents, freeing you to focus on getting the deal closed.

Understand Minor Details

The closing process – including title insurance – can be very confusing and time consuming. Without an attorney by your side, you may miss some vital issues, which can cost you money in the long run. Save money later by spending it now and enjoy peace of mind when you turn to Bukowski Law Firm for all of your real estate needs.


If there are last-minute negotiations, you can depend on our legal team to be there for you.

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Why You Should Hire a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer in Austin, TX - Commercial Real Estate Attorney | Bukowski Law Firm | Austin, TX

Why You Should Hire a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer in Austin, TX

Considering whether or not you need a commercial real estate lawyer in Austin, TX, to assist you with an upcoming project? Check out three reasons below for hiring a commercial real estate attorney to help navigate you through all of the legal processes that are required for your individual needs.

Represent Your Best Interests- Protect yourself when purchasing commercial property by turning to a real estate attorney. The team at Bukowski Law Firm is here to help with due diligence and get the deal across the finish line.

Negotiations- When you are negotiating commercial deals, you want to have an attorney draw up the paperwork and look over the minor details to ensure you are getting the best deal possible. You want to be mindful of all the details and terms before moving forward with the agreement.

Lease Agreements- If you are a business owner and renting the space you are currently operating out of, you can trust a commercial real estate lawyer in Austin, TX, to assist you when you are renewing or signing a new lease. Do not just assume you are getting what you previously requested in a lease agreement.

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3 Reasons You Need a Real Estate Law Firm in Austin, TX

3 Reasons You Need a Real Estate Law Firm in Austin, TX

As a real estate law firm in Austin, TX, Bukowski Law Firm can help you with a variety of items from insurance issues to litigation. There are numerous reasons why you would need to turn to a real estate law firm in Austin, TX, but we have listed some popular causes that our legal team can assist you with below.

Acquisitions & Dispositions- When you are purchasing real estate, you want to let an attorney handle all of the paperwork including the purchase and sale agreement, loan documents, title work, etc. With Bukowski Law Firm – a trusted real estate lawyer – representing you, you can have peace of mind when it comes to acquiring new properties.

Escrow & Closing- In addition to representing you during your real estate transactions, we also work with title companies to provide title and escrow services for a closing. Closings can be very daunting and while representing you or servicing as your title company, our real estate law firm has the power to handle your exact needs.

Code Enforcement- Regardless of the municipality in which your property is located, dealing with Code Enforcement issues is always a strain. Our legal team has the experience to help you navigate this task and manage the process.

Property Tax Protests – Every year in Texas, it is important to protest the assessed value of your commercial property. Our legal team provides this service to its commercial real estate clients and can help you do the same.

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