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Texas property valuations and taxes won’t be adjusted this year for Covid-19 impact: Make case for 2021 now

By: seanbukowski | Aug 1, 2020
Travis County commercial property owners may have been expecting a break on their 2020 tax liability as a result of Covid-19, but many are finding themselves…

Why commercial property owners should avoid disclosing sales prices that help property tax assessors

By: seanbukowski | Oct 29, 2019
Every year, the Travis Central Appraisal District assesses the value of property, and an owner will often decide to protest it if the assessed value is…

What property owners need to know ahead of next year’s valuation protests

By: seanbukowski | Aug 27, 2019
The time to appeal property values in Travis County period is almost over, but savvy owners can begin preparing for 2020 now that the process — which has become mired in controversy — has changed….

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